Booster Club Information

Booster Club Board

Kathi McMahan

Vice President / Web Master
Jase St. Peter

Lisa Conn

Courtney Dawe


Heather Vallerand


Varsity - Jason Conn

Junior Varsity - Chris Gatewood

Frosh - Scott Culver

Assistant - James Lau

Team Parent

Varsity - Jen Seyforth

Junior Varsity - Patricia Peck

Frosh- Heather Vallerand


  • Liaison to school administration
  • Enforces clubs by-laws
  • Chief executive of the club
  • Upholds mission statement
  • Oversees all meetings
  • Files paperwork to maintain clubs status with state laws and federal laws regarding Booster Clubs
  • Initiations annual audit of club financial records

Vice President

  • Works closely with President
  • Oversees all meetings when president is absent
  • Takes care of all Interim duties in the absence of club president
  • Aids president in all paperwork to maintain clubs status with state laws and federal laws
  • Helps president to initiate an annual audit of club financial records
  • Organizes committees


  • Records all meeting notes
  • Sends out communications to all stake-holders
  • Compiles and maintains stake-holders contact information


  • Handles financial transactions
  • Records accurate gains and loses of bank account
  • Keeps an organized record of receipts of payment, withdraws, and deposits
  • Prepares financial records for annual audits
  • Responsible for maintaining 501(c)(3) status with IRS

Other Positions:

Team Parents (Varsity, Junior Varsity, and Frosh)

  • Liaison to coaches, Booster Club Officers, parents, and players
  • Creates communication bridge among coaches and parents
  • Helps organizes end of year party for players and coaches
  • Organizes parent volunteers at fundraisers, events, tournaments, and games


  • A semi-independent agent other then the club treasurer, such as an accountant, CPA, or auditor that protects the club from embezzlement, giving confidence to donors and volunteers